Somin Lee

‘Showing the world the brilliance of Korean speakers and their profound life experiences.’ -Somin Lee, a co-awardee of the 2023 Tenafly KPA Scholarship.

The personal mission statement above clearly shows why Somin Lee received the Tenafly KPA Scholarship this year. She not only said it, but showed it through her actions throughout her school years. She took the lead in promoting Korean culture by consistently participating in Tenafly Lunar New Year events from elementary school to high school. As the vice president of Korean Culture Club, She has spearheaded the Tenafly High School portion of the 2024 Lunar New Year event. Also she has helped the Korean Culture Club collaborate with other Asian Culture Clubs to promote Asian Awareness. She also contributes to the community by regularly holding dance classes using K-Pop music for students with developmental disabilities or general students as the founder and President of the Kpop x Tigers (KxT) club. She consistently spends her free time translating and publishing TED talk subtitles from English to Korean and vice versa to promote the Korean language to a wider audience around the world. Her participation in all of these activities has not deterred her from being an A student in her academics. Somin is a well-rounded scholar and individual who is “Diligent”, “Smart”, “Creative”, and “Compassionate”